The rosary prayer: step-by-step guide

What is the rosary?You have probably already watched MTV or TMF: television stations with hip music, lots of movement and flashing lights. Always new impressions, new images and exciting rhythms. If you look closely, some singers have a necklace with a cross hanging around their neck. Such a “jewel” is nothing new, it has existed ….  Read More

How should you pray the rosary?: Here are few tips to help you

The first series of fifty questions is no better to conclude than with a series of 50 “Hail” and it seemed to me. Therefore this question. Many students have asked me this question in recent years. Most of them were initially interested in the ‘Paternoster’ as a fashion accessory, but were systematically curious about how ….  Read More

Types of prayer rosary

Prayer beads of all countries are in stock!At this year, there were too many people playing bracelets, so that it was impossible to tell which ones were purely a decoration and what was because of faith. It is said that the wenwan is Chinese, but the beads belong to the whole world, so today we ….  Read More

God sacred prayer beads

Holy god rosary The sacred rosary was made in 1892 by the missionary of the Franciscans of the British Province, in order to give believers an easy way to respect the Holy Spirit. Pope Benedict XIII was approved in 1902. Its purpose is to consider the respect of the Holy Spirit as respectful to the ….  Read More