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Pray for others with the Rosary

Following the example of venerable predecessors such as Pope Leo XIII, St. Paul VI and St. John Paul II, Pope Francis invited Catholic believers to pray with the Rosary in October. Hopefully, when praying with the Rosary, every believer will pay attention to the invitation of Our Lady of Fatima, especially praying for peace in ….  Read More

How to pray the rosary?7 guides, step by step

Although the origin of the rosary goes back almost until the year 800, with the passage of time it has been changing until we reach the way we pray it today. This invites us to do a beautiful meditation on the life of Jesus and Saint Mary. Alone or accompanied we can offer our prayers ….  Read More

The rosary prayer method made in the Throne 5 Cathedral

The easiest to followThis guide seems to be the easiest and easiest to explain. I have not yet memorized the prayerI saved the picture on my cell phone.I try to do more than one level while watching every day.    At first, it was hard to be alone, I’ve gotten used to it and now ….  Read More

Crucifixed rosary | Origin of the Rosary and how to pray in the Rosary

Have you ever seen a picture or photo holding a crucifixed rosary when praying on the altar? This rosary is called the Rosary. The Japanese are pervasive as fashion items, but this is a very meaningful thing. This time, what kind of effect is Rosario completely? I will explain what prayers I can do with ….  Read More

A step by step guide to pray the rosary

It’s never too late to start …by Silvana RamosThe Rosary has its origins in the 1800s, but over the centuries it has evolved up to the Rosary we know today. The Rosary invites us to meditate on the life of Jesus and the Holy Virgin Mary. Regardless of whether we pray alone or with other ….  Read More

Ways to Pray a Good Personal using the rosary

11 Ways to Pray a Good Personal RosaryMany Non-Catholics think that the Rosary is a prayer to Mary, but that is a big mistake. Maria is only a conduit for prayers that are truly the Rosary prayer is prayers to the Lord Jesus. Many Catholics are reluctant to diligently pray for Rosario because of being ….  Read More

How to do a Rosary prayer

How to do a Rosary prayerThis Rosary Prayer combines oral prayer with inner prayer, supplication prayer, thanksgiving and praise. In praying the Rosary, we reflect on a mystery, which is an event in the life of Jesus Christ. These events consist of four parts: Joyful Mystery , Sorrowful Mystery , events Noble and events Light ….  Read More

On the Rosary, the Catholic spirits divorced

“True: He is often monotonous and prayed rather quickly. But it is also true: Our Lady recommends this prayer explicitly and urgently, and many saints love it. “ commentary by Claudia SperlichBerlin ( Some laugh at him, connect him with mumbling old women (and become very fast, without realizing it, sexist and unreconciled to the ….  Read More

The Roman Catholic: Mysteries about the rosary

Monastery of the Most Holy Family How to pray the Rosary? Begin the Rosary with the sign of the Cross and the Creed. Continue with the Our Father , three Hail Mary for an increase in faith, hope and charity, and a Glory to the Father as shown in the diagram above. Say the first ….  Read More

The mysteries of the rosary

The prayers of the RosarySince October 2002, by the decision of Pope John Paul II, the Rosary is now 203 Ave Maria (Hail Mary). Each decade of the Rosary, we meditate successively the twenty main mysteries of Childhood, Public Life, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The rosary is only the fourth part ….  Read More